1st Anniversary

I sold my first ever bar of soap exactly one year ago today. March 20th 2016.
Actually my mother sold my first bar, She helped me set up a stall in Newmarket on Fergus. I was nervous, excited and a little intimidated by the prospect of failing spectacularly and not selling anything. I had nipped to the ladies room as it started and I returned to see a woman handing her some money. I could have hugged her. And that was it, It started!
Sooooo much has happened since then, Clonfadda Soaps is not just my hobby but my full time job now. It has changed dramatically since that first market and I’m sure it will continue to grow and evolve.
Thank you to my customers, for the obvious reasons, but also for your chats, and smiles and stories shared. I still get a kick out of watching someone smell a soap for the first time. And to my regular customers, your loyalty and feedback has helped me grow in confidence in my products and my business. I am lucky to now call some of you my friends.

what a difference a year makes



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