New Bubble Bath Bomb varieties


3 new varieties to add to our current bubble bath bomb range.

In addition to our Heaven’s Scent bubble bath bomb, we now have three new varieties to try.

Sandalwood- A warm, relaxing, comforting scent.

Grapefruit- A sweet citrus scent.

Lavender and Lemongrass- A harmonious blend of both Lavender and Lemongrass.

They will be added to our online shop soon.


Our special Bubble Bath Bombs with Epson Salts are proving very popular with our customers.

The soft bubbles, the relaxing epsom salts, and the sumptuous aromas, make bath time a whole new experience. As well as leaving your skin nice and soft,  they also revive and sooth your body and mind too.

Our bombs don’t include the annoying bits & pieces, glitters or strong colours that undo all that goodness when it comes to cleaning the bath either.

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